TRS was founded in 1998 with the mission of providing an alternative to the "everything to everyone" shop. We specialize in being a lower cost provider of stationary component repair for the 501F and have developed custom fixturing and processes with a focus on repairing parts that the OEM deems "scrap". Our experience, and resulting efficiencies, with 501F repairs and service provides the customer with a better engine component with a reduction in engine life cost.

The real story is our team. We are second only to the OEM in man-hours and orders completed on W501F stationary component repair. TRS is proud to say that our management and supervisory team have a combined 200 plus years of turbo-machinery manufacturing and repair experience and the shop has logged more than 300,000 Man Hours of experience on the W501 alone, with the 501F accounting for more than half of those hours. Our expertise in 501F components comes from expanding W501D5 repairs and reverse engineering parts with leading users, at their request. TRS has engineered fixtures for the row 1, 2, 3 and 4 vane segments as well as the DLN Fuel nozzles (pilots and support housings), DLN Baskets, and OEM/PSM transition Pieces. TRS also has complete tooling and processes for the repair and modifications for W501FC/FD compressor diaphragms and compressor blade rings. Tooling was developed to allow the customer to verify that the components would fit into the engine with the correct dimensions before the component would be installed into the engine during critical path installation.

The shop presently has 31,800 square feet of shop space plus an additional 13,120 square feet of covered storage/lay-down space, 50+ full time employees and complete welding, machining, engineering and mechanical capabilities. We are sincerely interested in becoming your vendor of choice for W501F stationary components. TRS, its management and employees are driven by our desire to provide personalized service, quality repairs, documentation, and on-time delivery.